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    Chairman of associationChan woo, Park
  • Contributing to realizing low-carbon green growth and improving the welfare of the people

    The Korea Energy Management System Industry Association (KEMSA) is a corporation that consists of companies who have energy saving technology, through the research of efficient energy management technology and policy, reduces the greenhouse gas emission and fosters relevant companies, in sum, is professional organization for contributing Korean Energy Industry evelopment, we carry out various businesses for this as follows.

    Firstly, by collecting opinions from member companies such as construction and ICT, we achieve "greening, efficiency and intelligence" of buildings, thereby drastically reduce building energy consumption and GHG emission which is the main cause of lobal warming

    Secondly, in order to foster BEMS-related companies, we provide diverse and long-term support through searching new policy and supporting, technology development and standardization, constructing of industrial base and promotion, supporting for international trade cooperation, and cultivation of professional manpower.

    Finally, we pass the new policy and relevant information of Korea government on the member companies, and report the difficulties of the industry to the government, thereby reflect it in the next policy, act as a bridge between the government and the industry.
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